About Us

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Get To Know Us Better and Identify With Our Cause.

Community Technology Development Organisation (CTDO), formerly Community Technology Development Trust (CTDT) is a non-profit making, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) operating in 31 districts of Zimbabwe. CTDO promotes integrated agro-biodiversity conservation, environmental management, food and seed security, water and sanitation and policy and advocacy programmes with the aim to promote sustainable livelihoods.
The organisation strives to contribute to increased household food and nutrition security through sustainable food systems, gender sensitive and social inclusion approaches. CTDO strongly believes that sustainable management and use of agro-biodiversity and increased agricultural productivity require a holistic approach, and to this end, focuses on bringing farmers and their representative unions, researchers and agricultural extensionists, consumers, policy makers and all other relevant stakeholders together in defining sustainable community development models.

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Our Mission

CTDO seeks to promote participatory research, technology, and innovation systems and to advocate for policies that alleviate poverty, food, and nutrition insecurity of marginalized communities

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Our Vision

Communities free of hunger, malnutrition, poverty and injustice in Zimbabwe, SADC, Africa, and the whole world.

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Our Ambition

A leading organization on agricultural biodiversity conservation and sustainable use contributing to food and nutrition security for all in a fair and just environment.

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Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Mutual synergies and partnerships
  • Teamwork
  • Respect for indigenous knowledge
  • Equity, equality, and social justice
  • Gender Sensitivity
  • Sustainability

Our Approach

  • CTDO ensures that communities own and manage the development processes and their results.
  • CTDO researches, plans with communities, monitors, and collectively evaluates every activity that it undertakes.
  • CTDO works in partnership with other line-minded organisations at national, regional, and international levels for synergy and greater impact.
  • Rights Based Approach.
  • Inclusive programming.
  • Upholds do no harm principle..