Food Security

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Provides a multi-dimensional programme addressing areas in food security, nutrition security and WASH

The Food Security and Livelihoods Programme focuses on improving availability, access, to affordable, sufficient, safe, nutritious preferred food . The programme focuses on communities’ ability to sustainably produce, process and consume food. Key functions of the department include the development of climate resilience interventions in target communities, improving access to clean and safe drinking water, improving behaviour change in dietary intake, maternal, infant and child nutrition (MIYCN) and developing of innovative solutions and technologies that support food and nutrition security. The programme works with agriculture extension services, health department, women affairs, universities, research institutions, and other like-minded organisations in coming up with innovative ideas to improve food security, improve resilience to climate change and ensure health and hygienic behaviours are practised. The department has been at the center of capacity building for farmers through the Care Groups, Farmer Field School (FFS), lead farmer, and champion farmer approaches. The department also implements humanitarian assistance projects addressing both immediate and intermediate humanitarian and resilience needs. We support the school feeding programmes, food for assets, lean season assistance and infrastructure restoration post q natural disasters e.g the recent Tropical Storm Anna response.

Our Achievements

In our relentless pursuit of food security, we take pride in showcasing our achievements. These milestones reflect our unwavering commitment to making a lasting impact on the communities we serve.

We serve as a valuable resource hub for success stories related to our food security initiatives. Explore our image gallery to witness the transformative impact of our work, from nourishing meals provided to children in need to sustainable farming practices that empower communities.